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Mayotte Phone Directories

Mayotte is an overseas département of France.
Use the White Pages or Yellow Pages for France, and enter "976" or "Mayotte" in the location box.

Country code: +262


Small business directory for Mayotte. In French, type in what you're looking for in the je recherche box and click trouver. There are categories available via the drop down box next to the keyword search but if you want to find more wider results, leave it on toute (all).

Pages Blanches

Official White Pages of France, including the French overseas territories and departments. Search by names of people. In French. To use; enter last name in Qui. Then enter the location (with an optional check box for 'nearby' (A proximité) to widen the search) and press the magnifying glass to search. For reverse search (search by number) click on the Annuaire inversé tab at the top and enter the number.

Pages Jaunes

Official Yellow Pages for France, including overseas dependencies. In French. Enter the type of business (in French) or an part of the business name in Quoi, Qui, and a geographic location (city, region etc) in (with an optional check box for 'nearby' (A proximité) to widen the search) and click the magnifying glass icon to search.

Yellow Pages of Africa

Basic Yellow Pages for around 300 businesses in Mayotte. In English and French.

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