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Venezuela Phone Directories

Country code: +58

YP Caribbean

Quick and simple to use Yellow Pages website - search by keyword or category. In the advanced search options there are additional search criteria such as via address or telephone number (reverse search). The phone number search didn't seem to find any results but the address certainly did (by using the street part, not the apartment number).

Páginas Amarillas Cantv

Official directory of people and businesses in Venezuela from CANTV, in Spanish. For people, click on the páginas blancas tab, enter the name of the person you're looking for in ¿A quíen buscas? box, optional location ¿Dónde? and click Buscar.

Publicar Páginas Amarillas

Yellow Pages directory for Venezuela. Type in the business you're looking for in Qué Busca and optional location Dónde and click Encontrar.

Business directory - select by category or name. The location is optional - to do a national search leave the ¿Dónde? option on Seleccione el Estado.

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