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USA Phone Directories

White Pages and Yellow Pages phone books for the United States. As so many people are now not in the phone book, we've added some people search and public records links which use multiple sources to find addresses and phone numbers. Some only provide limited data for free.

Country code: +1


Simple to use free reverse search site which gives the owner (where the information is available) and location of a landline or cellphone.


USA White Pages - recently changed format so it now links to the People Finder section of YP ( which uses Intelius info. Previously it used to show nearby people to your search result but this has disappeared, replaced by nearby businesses instead. Reverse search, name or address search is possible - results are clear with maps and options for further info on the person (at a cost).


User-created database to reverse-search telemarketing and scam phone numbers. Helps to find out if there are any complaints about them.


Yellow and White Pages for the USA. Click on 'Find People' to search for a surname. Includes reverse search by telephone number (you need to include the area code and the bracket formatting for this is optional).


Basic reverse number lookup. It shows where the call originated from (on a map) and whether landline or cell, but if you want to know who actually owns the number you need to pay a subscription fee.


Online versions of the Yellow Pages for 21 states in the USA - choose the state and city; this will then give you a list of the regional phone books available and the date the publication was available. Click on the one you want and this will bring up a graphical online copy of the actual Yellow Pages.


National Yellow Pages and business directory browseable by category and location, plus a basic search (limited to one state at a time). Also includes the Canadian provinces.


Comprehensive US telephone White Pages for people and businesses, plus a Yellow Pages business directory. Includes search by phone number (reverse search), and a proximity search for businesses.


Not strictly a telephone directory, this site is a (limited) free "people search engine" that locates people in the US from public records. Better for finding street addresses than phone numbers, and some of the data is years old. To access the free Premium service a Facebook login is required.

Yellow Pages and White Pages for the USA. Searches by state or nationwide (all) from the drop down option box. Includes reverse search (by number), and search by street (for businesses) or exact address (for residential numbers).


White Pages phone book for people (and businesses) in the USA and Canada. Includes reverse search, and search by address.


Good USA and Canada phone book with separate White Pages searches for people and businesses. Includes a reverse search (search by number) and a very useful search by address (listing all numbers in a street).


Basic White Pages for the US. Search requires state and city. So if you're searching in a metro area you'll need to know an exact city/suburb in that area, which makes it much less useful than other directories here if you want a more general search.

Alaska Yellow Pages

Basic Yellow Pages limited to businesses in Alaska. Search by category, business name, region, city, or telephone number (reverse search).

DexKnows Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages for the US. Requires city. Good for local searches as it remembers the previous city you entered. Has map links. Also has a search for people facility (click on 'Find a Person' link at the top) which is powered by Peoplefinders.

US Directory

Business directory - need to select a state before submitting the search. To get the phone number on the result click on 'Call Now!' - some companies offer the option to Skype as well as providing the direct phone number.


Pipl searches multiple search engines and the web for people in the US. Many of the resources it finds are pay-for searches, but it sometimes turns up useful free clues. If the location is left blank it can also return results from other areas such as the UK or Europe.

White Pages for US businesses and people. Also includes reverse search for addresses and numbers.


A database of phone numbers and codes that immediately get a live person on the line for customer service at over 8000 companies. Useful user review system highlights any problems or successes with the calls.


Yellow Pages and White Pages for the US. Also provides reverse search. The people search (White Pages) needs quite precise search requirements otherwise nothing is returned.


Easy to use people finder; results are shown as clusters per state - refine by selecting the state and then using the mapping tool to choose the most appropriate person. Full information requires registration and payment of a subscription plan (varying costs).

True Yellow

Basic business directory - need to select a city and state to complete the search.

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