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Senegal Phone Directories

Country code: +221

Orange Directory

Comprehensive White Pages and Yellow Pages for Orange customers and businesses in Senegal. In addition to the name or company you need to specify the city (ville) before searching (Rechercher).

Pages Jaunes

Yellow Pages business directory for Senegal. In French.

Yellow Pages of Africa

Yellow Pages directory, with around 1,600 listings of businesses in Senegal. In English and French.

Africa Phone Books

Search for people and businesses within Senegal. In English and French. Quick and simple to use; you need to click on the box 'Click to see phone' to get the number or if you want to see the number and more info click on 'Show details'. To find people, click on the +Find People link at the top of the page. Includes reverse search (by number) under the people search.

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