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Norway Phone Directories

Country code: +47

Really clean and simple search facility - probably one of the best I've seen. Just type in the box and the display is shown below. You can then refine this more by using the location filters options. If nothing is found (i.e. no matches), ingen treff will show.


Easy to use people finder and business directory. Just type what or who you're looking for on the home page and it will bring up a list of results. If you're looking for a person click on the Telefonkatalog tab. For businesses you'll need the Bedriftssøk tab. A nice feature is a little number next to the tabs - it shows the number of results in each category so for example there could be 20 businesses with the name you entered but only 5 actual people as well. Maps are included. In Norwegian.


General search engine for Norway which includes businesses. Type in the box and press søk (search). In Norwegian.


Search for people and businesses. In Norwegian - type the information you need into the search box and press Søk using the drop down box to refine whether you want to look through all of 1881 or more specific; people (person), industries (branser), business (firma), address (adresse), border trading (grensehandel), board positions/roles (styreverv/roller), the internet (internett) and social media (sosiale medier). In Norwegian.

Gule Sider

This searches not only for businesses (firma) but people (personer). Also shows maps. There is an option to search all of the Internet as well. In Norwegian.


Simple business directory with category searches as well as generic search box. The search also covers Denmark and Sweden (select the country by choosing the appropriate flag button). White Pages are also available from the Telefonkatalog tab - the information can be sent to your mobile phone free of charge or can be saved to your Outlook. Press Søk after entering any or all of your information in the search box. In Norwegian.


Norwegian White Pages for people and businesses, includes mobile numbers. Enter any part of a name (or phone number, for reverse search) in the search box at the top of the screen and press Søk. To narrow down the search results to include businesses select Firmakatalog (under the search box) or for people, select Telefonkatalog.


Telephone book for people (Personer tab) and businesses (use the Næringsliv tab) in Norway. in Norwegian. Results have map links, and there's also a map search (kart).

Gul Index

Norwegian Yellow Pages - search for people, businesses, numbers on the site or the whole of the internet. Also search via map although it gives results outside of Norway if the search criteria is not specific enough.

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