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Guyana Phone Directories

Country code: +592

GT&T White Pages

Official GT&T White Pages telephone directory of people and businesses in Guyana. Simple to use and provides addresses as well.

GT&T Yellow Pages

Official GT&T Yellow Pages telephone directory of businesses in Guyana. Displayed as an interactive replica of the paper version, but the search tool doesn't work (couldn't find a simple request of 'hotels' nor an actual company I could see listed on a page). You need to scroll through the pages in full screen mode - not really very user friendly.

Useful telephone directory for Guyana. Search for people (click on the Private tab) or businesses. The 'Try a Store Locator' link options on the front page is limited - only the ones with a business name work. Anything with 'Shop 1' or 'Fast Food 3' haven't been sponsored so don't link to anything. Interesting features on the Private link include common surnames and towns or villages - if you click on the location options such as Linden or Kingston this will show all the local businesses and people in that place and their location on the map.

Guyana Business Directory

Basic business directory searchable by keyword or alphabet.

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