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Greece Phone Directories

Country code: +30

11 888

Official OTE White Pages for people and businesses in Greece. In Greek. Enter who you're looking for in the Ψάχνω (search) field and location: στην (in). Then click ΑΝΑΖΗΤΗΣΗ to search. Also allows reverse search if you put a number in the first field. It's not required to put a location if you want to do a wider search. Includes clear maps.

XO Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages directory for Greece in both English and Greek. Also offers reverse search via the advanced search option.

A very basic but good reverse search directory. In Greek. Enter the ten digit number and click the forward arrow button to search. If you enter a number that is too short (for example, 8 digits) you get the following message: Εισάγατε 8 χαρακτήρες. Χρειάζονται 10 ψηφία για τον αριθμό τηλεφώνου. Διορθώστε το νούμερο και ξαναδοκιμάστε. (You have entered 8 characters. It takes 10 digits for the phone number. Correct the number and try again).

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