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Please remove, update or add my listing!

We don't store the phonebooks on our site. There is no data on Numberway. Numberway simply links to websites that are hosted elsewhere. We have no control over the contents of those sites.

We cannot add, update or remove listings in any directory.

You will need to contact the website that has the data, to be able to make changes. We don't know any more about how to contact the people who run the sites than you can find yourself by reading their site. There will be a contact link somewhere on their site. Not here.

This is worth repeating: none of the names, phone numbers or addresses are listed or stored anywhere on Numberway. All the data is on sites elsewhere, we have no influence over what data they store, no way to add, update or emove listings, and no special way to contact them.

We cannot add, update or remove listings in any directory.

Removing numbers in the USA

To remove a number from all US directories, you need to become unlisted, then CHANGE your number (and keep it unlisted). Do NOT add it to the do-not-call list, as that is the same as publishing it. There is NO WAY to remove an existing number when it becomes unlisted, it will disappear gradually from some directories but not all.

To repeat, you must CHANGE the number. You then need to avoid providing that number to anybody who might publish it, such as any business that reports credit (utilities, credit cards) or any branch of government (especially local). There are various ways to get free "disposible" numbers not associated with an address that you can have for voicemail or to forward to your real number - a web search will help you find them.

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