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Bolivia Phone Directories

Country code: +591

Easy to use Yellow Pages directory. In Spanish. Select the region (Búsqueda por departamentos), type in the keyword and then click buscar. Subcategories will come up if more than one available, for example, hotels come up with several categories where this is a keyword. Select the subcategory you want and the list of result will be displayed.

Bolivia En Tus Manos

Yellow Pages directory for Bolivia. In Spanish. Find businesses by keyword or alphabetical listings - click on buscar to search. You can search the whole of Bolivia or the individual regions from the drop down box.


White Pages people search for La Paz region in Bolivia. In Spanish. Simple to use search – just type in the name of the person you're looking for in Apellido box and click buscar. Alternatively use the reverse search option – type in the telephone number in the box Número Telef and click buscar.


White Pages provided by Telecommunications Cooperative de Santa Cruz ltda. In Spanish. There are two search sections - White Pages (Listado alfabético) for companies and people and another for Businesses (Páginas amarillas) on the same screen. Search by name and location (can be all, or you select the region). Click on the magnifying glass to search.


Another Yellow Pages for Bolivia. In Spanish. Type in the business type or company name in the Qué Busca box and where - Dónde, click Encontrar to search.


Yellow and White Pages for Tarija from Cosett. Type in the name of person or company and click on buscar en la Guia.


White Pages directory for subscribers of the Comteco phone company in the Cochabamba region. Select guia telefonica from the options at the bottom of the page and then search for (buscar) the person (persona) or company (empresa). Then either select to search by name Nombre / Appelido or reverse search by telephone number (Número).

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