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Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Directories

BH Telecom is one of the leading telecoms company in Bosnia and Herzegovina although services are provided by a number of other companies as well including M&H Company and Europronet d.o.o.

Country code: +387

BH Telecom White Pages

BH Telecom White Pages telephone directory in Bosnian. To search for people, select an area or carrier code, put the surname in Prezime and press Trazi.

BH Telecom Yellow Pages

BH Telecom Yellow Pages telephone directory in Bosnian. To search for businesses select the area, enter the company name in the box Naziv and press Trazi.

BH Telecom Reverse Search

BH Telecom Reverse Search in Bosnian. Type in the number in Broj and press Trazi. You need to select the area code first from the drop down list.

HT Eronet

HT Eronet Directory. White Pages in Bosnian. Search by name, first or last names (Naziv, ime ili prezime) and village, town or city (Naselje, mjesto ili grad). Also search by number (reverse search) - second tab along. PretraÅživanje po broju means 'search by number'.

Telefonski imenik BH

Business Directory in Bosnian. Search by name at the top (then press Trazi) or select a category based on the location. Includes maps for individual search results.

Editus Sarajevo

Bosnian business directory - in Bosnian. Enter the category or name in the search box on the left hand side (press trazi to submit the search) and this will bring up a list. There is a toggle option for English but it currently doesn't work.

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