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Argentina Phone Directories

Country code: +54


Quick White Pages and Yellow Pages search tool offered by the national telecom company. Located at the bottom right of the page - search either by name (first tab) and location (region specific or all provinces) or by type of business (second tab) - enter the type in que buscas? box and where in donde. Click on Buscar to search. Reverse search and addresses are also available on the Guia Telefonos tab - don't include the leading 0 of the area code in the Reverse Search option. In Spanish.

Paginas Blancas

White Pages telephone directory of people and businesses in Argentina. In Spanish. Put the surname (or business name) in Nombre and press Buscar. To search by number (reverse search), click on Teléfono enter the number, then press Buscar. You can also search by address - click on Dirección.


Good simple people and business directory pages for Argentina. Includes reverse search (search by number - click on the Tel tab) and search by address (Dirección tab). In Spanish. You can filter via all the country todo el pais or by region via the drop down box.

Paginas Amarillas

Yellow Pages business directory - in Spanish. Provides autocomplete suggestions as you type in the type of business to save time.


Business directory - search by name or category. In Spanish and uses the Google custom search to provide results. Enter the name or type of business you're looking for in the search box, making sure the catalogosdorados option is selected rather than web and click on Busqueda to search.

110 Celulares

Limited mobile phone number search - only shows numbers that have opted in to the listings. Personal and business numbers included and search by either name or number. Turn your sound down if you're in a public place as there is an opening musical sound when the page loads which plays briefly. To find people choose the Particulares tab, businesses are on the Empresas y Comercios tab.

Argentina Business Database

Basic business directory for Argentina - search by area or keyword. Over 400,000 entries with limited information.

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