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Romania Phone Directories

Country code: +40

Carte de Telefoane

White Pages for Romania with over 3 million numbers including mobile. Enter the name in the box nume; further refinement can be made by selecting the county (Judeţ) but it's not required to include the county if you want to search countrywide. Includes reverse search by number - just enter the number in the telefon box. Click on Caută to search.

Total Firme România

Easy to use business directory for Romania. In Romanian. Works well with just a name in the field Nume firmă - but you can refine it more by choosing a county (Judeţ) from the drop down list or even as specific as the number of employees (Cu număr angajaţi). Click on Caută to search.

Golden Pages - Pagini Aurii

Yellow Pages business directory for Romania. Search by name, category or address. In English and Romanian.

Yellow Pages

Business directory for Romania - uses Google search for the results.

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