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Brazil Phone Directories

Country code: +55


Complete regional versions of each Yellow and White Pages in Brazil. Choose your area (Selecione uma cidade do Brasil para acessar sua lista digital); it has an autocomplete feature so it helps if you're not sure of the precise area as a list will appear to choose from. Then this will load a graphical version of the actual telephone directory for that area. Flick through (note - has sound effects!) or search using the Pesquisar option at the top of the page (an icon with magnifying glass over a page). In Portuguese.


Telephone directory for people and businesses in all of Brazil, search by name or business classification. In Portuguese: enter a name in nome, select a state in stado and press search - buscar. To search for businesses by keyword enter the keywords in palavra-chave.


Business directory for Brazil. Search by area (Onde) and category (O Que) - results can be filtered by relevance, distance from the selected location, or sorted by alphabetical order. Also suggests similar categories. In Portuguese.

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Combined White Pages and Yellow Pages (alphabetic and classified) telephone directory for people and businesses from Oi. In Portuguese. Search requires completion of acaptcha (type in numbers manually to prove you're not a robot) and results are shown in a Java box so some people may not be able to see them if they don't have the plugin installed.

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