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Albanian Phone Directories

AMC, Eagle and Vodaphone are three main operators in Albania and mobile phones are used more frequently than landlines.

Country code: +355

Yellow Pages

Business directory - in Albanian, English and Italian. Offers a people search and reverse search by telephone number as well but it doesn't work at this time - it just provides a list of entries. Provides maps of business locations which are searchable by name or category.

Flete Te Verdha Online

Business directory from the same people as the Yellow Pages listing above - the search box now works although some of the links are broken including the main front page ( - they may be working on the site but we'll keep checking to make sure it doesn't break completely. Reverse search (by telephone number) is available and works - click on the Kerko Numer tab at the top. A number of other languages including English, French and Spanish are offered and seem to be working more reliably now.

Both of these entries have been included because although they are from the same source, both sites work differently and features that work in one don't work in another.

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